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Things to Consider When Settling an Estate

Posted on : December 15, 2017, By:  Christopher Hildebrand

Settling an estate can be an emotional and unique task to complete for anyone who plans on leaving a piece of them behind for their loved ones. To help you get through this process more smoothly, there a few very practical and straightforward steps you can take. The goal of an estate is to safeguard your assets, which can make it easier for your family to handle things when it is your time to pass on.

#1 Make a To-Do List

The idea of creating an estate plan can feel overwhelming and daunting at first. In order to make things feel more simple, start off by writing down a to-do list. You can check tasks off as you complete them, so you feel more accomplished as you make your way down the list. A few major tasks you may want to consider adding to your list include the following:

  • Appoint an Executor or Trustee of your Will
  • Start Making a List of All Your Belongings
  • Decide Who Your Beneficiaries Will Be
  • Assign What Items or Monetary Gifts Your Beneficiaries Will Receive

#2 Find Paperwork Related to Assets

It is equally as important as writing a list of your assets, to maintain a file of all relevant paperwork, titles, stocks, deeds and life insurance policies. Having this file ready can help your lawyer get started when handling your estate plan.

#3 Appoint a Guardian for Minors or Dependents

Decide who you would like to take care of your underage children or dependents in the event you are not able to do so. Think about who you would trust the most with your cherished loved ones. Who is close to you that is responsible? Trustworthy? Organized? Choose a person that makes you feel some relief when you think about them making important decisions in the future welfare of your family.

#4 Hire a Moving Company

It can make things easier for your family members if you already have designated a moving company Washington DC relies on to help move items from your home. If you assign certain household items to a beneficiary, a moving company can take care of relocating it safely to their residence. Especially in the case where an item is either large furniture, appliances or a delicate art piece, having the assistance of professionals can substantially reduce your family’s stress level. A moving company may also offer cleaning services, which can come in handy once all of the belongings have been moved out.

By completing the above tasks, you may feel a peace of mind knowing your loved ones are now more prepared in the event of your passing. Being able to pass on a legacy, monetary amount or prized possessions to family members may also bring you a sense of pride. Your family’s future may now have a more solid foundation thanks to what you have built in your lifetime.

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