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Estate Planning Attorney Scottsdale AZ | What Do I Need to Include in My Estate Plan?

Our estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ can assist you with all of your estate planning needs, including a will. We offer a wide range of legal services that can provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind desired under difficult circumstances. Your final wishes are important and our legal team is here to assist you in making them clear. Talk to us about how we can help you. We offer a free initial consultation with an estate planning attorney in Scottsdale AZ from our firm.

Prior to meeting with a Scottsdale estate planning attorney, you may be wondering what information should be included in your estate plan. That will vary from one individual to the next, but as a general guideline, consider the following:

Do you need to appoint a guardian for your children? If you have children who are minors, and their other parent survives, very likely they will automatically get custody after your passing. However, if the court deems the other parent is unfit to raise the children, the court will rely on your written instructions to name a guardian. In the absence of a will or other estate planning document, the court will have to make the decision on their own.

An estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ parents trust can help make your wishes clear as to guardianship after your passing.

In addition to a will, you have the legal option to create a living trust which can also name a guardian for your child as well as protect them in several other ways. Talk to an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ families turn to from our firm for more information about living trusts.

Who should be the beneficiaries of your estate? Without a will, certain assumptions can be made. For instance, if you are married, all of your assets may be automatically transferred to your spouse. That may be acceptable to you, but what if you and your spouse pass at the same time? What if you remarry?

Consider specifying which children from past and present marriages should receive which assets or percentages of your liquid assets. If you share a property with another person, consult an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ respects to learn if the other person will automatically inherit your share of that property. Also, note that you cannot designate that person’s share of the property to your heirs.

Who should you appoint as the executor of your will? It’s important to choose someone you trust and who is capable of fulfilling the needs of this role. Your estate planning attorney at Arizona Estate Planning Attorneys can be of assistance before and during this process, but it’s a good idea to understand beforehand what the executor will be required to do after your passing. We can be happy to explain what may be necessary and how we can be of assistance.

Questions to Ask an Estate Planning Attorney

How you choose to plan your estate can greatly affect your heirs, which makes it important to choose an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ residents trust. If you work with an experienced and skilled lawyer, he or she can provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions. One of our attorneys can help you create an estate plan that considers your wishes. Here are questions you may consider asking an estate planning attorney before you hire them:

  • How much experience do you have dealing with estates? Estate planning can be quite complex, so it is wise to work with a lawyer who has plenty of experience in this field of law. If you hire someone just out of law school, he or she may not have the experience you are looking for. In general, it is best to hire an estate planning attorney in Scottsdale AZ who has at least three years of experience in the field.
  • Do you charge a fixed price or by the hour? It may be in your best interest to hire an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ locals respect who charges a flat rate. If you work with a lawyer who charges by the hour, you may end up spending more money, depending on the complexity of your estate.
  • Will you send me drafts of my estate plan to review? After an estate planning attorney has created your estate plan, he or she should be willing to present it to you for your review. Even if your attorney is highly skilled and knowledgeable in estate planning, it is still possible for errors to be made or you may choose to change your mind regarding certain items.
  • Do you offer an estate plan maintenance program? When talking to an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ residents rely on, find out if he or she reviews estate plans annually or semi-annually, or not at all. If you experience major life changes such as the birth of a child or a divorce, you may need to update your estate plan.
  • Does your firm specialize in estate planning? Some lawyers specialize in one field of law while another lawyer may practice in many areas of the law. It may be wise to hire a Scottsdale estate planning attorney who spends a great deal of their time on estate planning. This way, he or she is more likely to be familiar with changes in tax laws and other legislation that affect estate planning.
  • Who will take care of my estate if you leave the firm or retire? It may seem awkward to ask this question, but it’s important to understand their process. If an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ locals depend on leaves the firm or retire, he or she should be able to pass it onto a trusted colleague in the firm.
  • What is the best way to get in contact with you? If you have a question or concern about your estate, it is important to be able to reach your lawyer within a reasonable amount of time. Ask an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ residents count on if he or she prefers to be contacted by phone or email. Also, ask the lawyer how long he or she normally takes to return messages.

Call us at(480) 947-4339 to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer who can help you with your estate planning needs. Our legal team has helped many individuals and families make their final wishes known. We can match you with an estate planning attorney Scottsdale AZ community members trust.