Scottsdale Arizona Guardianship Lawyer

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are seeking guardianship over someone who can no longer take adequate care of themselves, it may be in your best interest to hire a Scottsdale Arizona guardianship lawyer to help initiate the legal process for you.

These types of cases can be quite complicated and require a complex set of skills and knowledge. Your guardianship lawyer in Scottsdale AZ will carefully maneuver through the Arizona probate legal system. You can feel confident and secure in knowing your rights can be protected and your best interest is a top priority. Call our team of Arizona guardianship lawyers today for a consultation with one of our guardianship lawyers today.

In the state of Arizona, an adult may start the legal process of gaining legal guardianship over another adult who is incapacitated, or over a minor, as long as approval by the court is granted. In order to gain court approval for legal guardianship, your Scottsdale AZ guardianship lawyer may have to prove that the individual in question is delayed and incapacitated by one or some of the following things:

  • Financial instability;
  • Physical impairments;
  • Mental illness;
  • Drug use; or
  • Confinement.

Legal guardianship can be granted, subject to court approval, by the following as well:

  • Last Will and Testament;
  • Child abandonment by parents; or
  • When an adult is in need of help with their daily care.

How to Find a Scottsdale Arizona Guardianship Lawyer

A high caliber Scottsdale Arizona guardianship lawyer can help you navigate through the legal process, and help you also understand your legal responsibilities as a guardian, such as:

  • Provide the individual care, protection, and support, clothing, shelter, and food;
  • Make decisions involving finance, health, well-being, and wills or estates; and
  • Coordinate and handle the individual’s living arrangements.

If you are looking to take legal guardianship over a minor, this is usually granted by juvenile or probate court. The law states that adults looking to obtain legal guardianship over a minor must give the minor’s custodian or parents a 60-day notice in writing before filing.

A Scottsdale AZ guardianship lawyer can help you with this, along with the requirement of showing a reasonable cause of why you want to seek legal guardianship, and how it would be honoring the child’s best interests. Guardianship usually lasts until the child reaches 18 years of age, and the courts will often check in with the guardian to ensure the minor is being properly cared for and all of their needs are being met.

If you are seeking a petition for legal guardianship over an adult who is incapacitated, it often will involve probate court. A Scottsdale AZ guardianship lawyer can help with this process as well. It is possible to initiate the legal guardianship process on your own, however, it is not recommended.

It is possible to speak with one of our Arizona guardianship lawyers. If you’re ready to speak with the type of guardianship lawyer Scottsdale Arizona is proud to help its community, call us at(480) 947-4339 and get your questions answered by a great Scottsdale Arizona guardianship lawyer.